Monday, 16 April 2018

Internship Details with Terms & Conditions at Leons' Integrations, Vadodara

Company would be happy to take internship applications from our college with following Terms & Conditions.

The details are shared below.

1.       We can take students from Electrical, EC and Computer Branch.
2.       The students will be associated with us for the summer internship, 7th Sem and 8th Sem, all together.
a.       We would not be taking applications for students who are only interested in summer internships.
3.       The students will have to come to office as follows:
a.       Summer Internship – Full Day, 6 days a week
b.      7th Sem – Full Day, 1 or 2 Days a week
c.       8th Sem – Full Day, 5 days a week for EC and Computer, 3 days for Electrical
4.       If the performance of the students is good and they accept the offers to work with us (with all our T&Cs), they will be eligible to get a stipend during the 8th sem.
5.       The students will have to pay a deposit amount of INR 10,000/- for the entire internship programme.
a.       If they accept an offer to work with us, the amount will be returned back to them and stipend will be over and over this amount.


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