Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Registration for National Apprenticeship Training scheme (for 2017 Passed out)

Registration for National Apprenticeship Training scheme (for 2017 Passed out) - Registration is open only up to March-2018....


2017 Passed out and jobless students under National Apprenticeship Training scheme for three years. It is only for 2017 passed out students.

 Once registered they will likely to provide you three opportunities for Apprenticeship. They may contact you telephonically to appear for interview.

You will be provided maximum three opportunities in 3 years, in which you have to get selected and accept the offer. Entire selection process from their side  and acceptance process from your side will be online through internet only. (NATS Portal - https://portal.mhrdnats.gov.in)

Once registered, you have to continuously check your online NATS account regularly and check any contract generated for you by any company.

Once contract is received in your NATS account, you have to approve it within 15 days.
After 15 days, it will be terminated automatically if you have not accepted the same within that time frame. You may be given 3 such offers within three year period.

Approximate salary for this would be in the range of 5000-10000 P.M. 
Many companies have offered in the range between 20,000-25000 P.M. It depends on company. but most of the time it will be between 5000-10000 P.M. 

Portal address is

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR NATS(National Apprenticeship Training)

It should be noted that now many company feels it is mandatory for the students to get 1 year training before appearing for Full Time Job. Hence this type of training certificate is very important.

So Don't miss this golden opportunity to take training in reputed public sector/private sector company for 1 year and get 1 year training certificate from Ministry of Human Resource, Central Government of India for 1 year NATS Training. Believe us  "This experience will be very handy and useful for shaping your career ahead".  

"Its always better to get yourself trained with skills rather than seating ideally at home."

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